Down Under party tour questions you may have about the tour

Down Under Party Tour FAQs

What the bloody heck is Down Under?

Specialising in partying harder than morning glory the Down Under Party Tour is the ultimate night out in Surfers Paradise! It is a Pub crawl, Bar crawl, Club crawl and Party tour all wrapped into one! We don’t take you to the party, we are the party every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night! Our team of Down Under Legends escort you and your best mates to all the hottest (and coolest) bars, clubs and venues that Surfers Paradise has to offer. Additionally, with our own private security, it is the safest way to get your party on! To get started meets us at Melbas on the Park in Cavill Ave at 6:30pm with your Down Under Party Tickets and your ID. We will sort you out with a wristband and then you are ready to join in on the Down Under shenanigans!

bucks group party on Down Under

Wear some comfy shoes mate!

Unfortunately you will have to walk between venues. We know, we know, what a joke! Well lucky for you ALL of the clubs are super close and on the same block. Yay! Our kickass team knows all the best ways to avoid those horrible Drop Bears! So don’t stress as we have your back!

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Where & when does the adventure begin?

Down Under Party Tour starts at 6.30pm, at Melbas on the Park! That’s the massive bar at the other end of Cavil Ave, with the huge palm tree on its sign. This is our official meeting spot every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night, so let’s get acquainted you sexy thing you!

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You’re LATE!

Of course if you are going to be late you can still join in on the bloody fun times when you get here! However to get the best value for money, epic adventure time and rad clubbing experience, the earlier you arrive the better. Just let your personal party planner know when you will be arriving so they can let you know where to meet us, the legends!

hens night on the down under party tour

Last but not least!

We enter into the last club for the night at 10.20pm. After that you have gained the power! You can stay in the epic club that we have piled you into or head back to any of the other venues that took your fancy earlier in the night. Different venues have different rules regarding re-entry, so we recommend that you pick your favourite (oh I know it’s too hard!) and be there by 11pm!

FAQ's down under party tour

Will you leave us behind?

Oh no honey! We would never do such a thing! Our professional Down Under MC will give the group 15, 10 and 5 minute warnings on the microphone. The Down Under Legends will round you up and take you to the next club! They are also inside the venue the whole time so if you want to know when we are moving on, you can always ask them!

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Like, what sort of peeps go on this thing?

Here at Down Under Party Tour we love everybody! Whether you are a boy or a girl, single or taken, having your 18th or 50th birthday, hens or bucks party, footy or netball team trip, tourists from the other side of the world or a Gold Coast local! The Down Under Party tour knows how to woo any type.

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I bought a ticket but something has come up...

You can take a raincheck, no worries mate! Your Down Under ticket has no expiry - whoop whoop! Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds if you change your mind or no longer can make it. Come and party with us another night - we will show you what you missed out on! Down Under Party Tour works within our terms and conditions. The Down Under refund policy is based on Australian Consumer Law. .

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What is the minimum number of people I can book with?

You are more than welcome to book for 1! We have at least 100+ Down Under party guests each and every night, so why not come and party with us and make some new friends for life?! We have had people meet their future husband/wife on our tour… you never, know maybe you might get lucky ☺

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What is the maximum number of people I can book with?

The Down Under Party Tour can host multiple tours in one night so realistically there is no limit. If you have a big crew, get in touch with one of our party planner and they will be able to organise your epic night out for you!

Halloween Dress up, scary nurses

I have nothing to wear! What do I wear?

Although the Down Under crew would love to party in our swimsuits, most of the venues in Surfers Paradise have strict dress code policies. We follow the terms and conditions of entry for each nightclub on the tour - all the information is clearly stated on our terms and conditions. Fellas, you must wear long pants, a t-shirt (no singlets) and closed in shoes, and any visible tattoos (including neck and arm tattoos) must be covered up. This means a long sleeved shirt. Those stockings belong on sexy lady legs not your arms anyway! !

FAQ what ID to bring to the venues

What sort of ID will I need to bring?

You must have photo identification in 100% English, e.g., Australian Driver’s License or any kind of Passport. Some vital Down Under advice - bring another form of id that has your full name on it, for example an EFT or Credit card.

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Will I need it all night?

You will be asked at every nightclub entry so make sure you have your I.D. on you all night. We know it’s a pain to keep getting it out however each venue has its own security and must follow the Queensland Liquor Licensing law, as well as their own terms and conditions, regardless of you being checked by another venue already.

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More of my mates are now keen to join in as well?

No worries! Give one of our amazing Down Under party planners a call or the representative on your Down Under ticket and ask them to reserve some spots for you, that can be picked up on the door as you go.

Tattoo policy on Down Under party tour Gold Coast

What about tattoos?

All large visible tattoos on men must be covered up to enter the nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. This includes face, neck and hand tattoos. So sorry mate, you’ll have to show off your sick tatts at the beach during the day!

4x nightclub on the Gold Coast , on the Down Under Party Tour

Is the Down Under Party Tour the same each night?

No way! We mix it up each night of the week (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) to make sure you and your mates get to experience the best nightclubs Surfers Paradise has to offer!